Currently presenting over 500 artifacts for collection & re-collection

To date we have sold more than $1.5 million dollars in paranormal artifacts of all kinds, to clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Our body of work is not only professional, it is prolific.

Our auction company is the world's first & only auction house dedicated entirely to paranormal artifacts. We have extensive experience in dealing with paranormal artifacts as the owners of the world's first paranormal collector's magazine, Paranormal Collector, and owning the world's largest collection of paranormal artifacts. We are also among the leaders in the field of paranormal arts including spirits, ghosts, magic-imbued amulets, enchanted objects, and dealing in any vessel possesing paranormal or supernatural tendencies & energies from ancient to vintage artifacts. We are also the owners & founders of the world's first & largest website dedicated to Spirit Keeping, Creepy Hollows. We've been avidly & devotedly involved in the paranormal for many years, and interact the with the paranormal daily.

You can check for newly listed Paranormal Artifacts in our Official Online Shop! Our shop offers, a varied mixture of Paranormal Artifacts, as well as several thousand other listings related to the Paranormal.

We deal with everything haunted in any manner; photographs, jewelry, statues, coins, telephones, dolls, paintings, mirrors, chairs, swords, and even property & homes. If it is haunted or bound with paranormal energy we deal in it, and our reputation as leaders in the field of paranormal collecting speaks for itself.

Depending on the artifact you have for sale depends on the venue will we utilize to sell your artifact. We currently deal with more than 80 countries, and more than 4,000 paranormal collectors on a yearly basis. We have our own auction site run through our parent company, we run auctions on eBay, we put certain items through local auctions, and we deal in private transactions between collectors all over the world.

Utilizing our paranormal auction house as your venue ensures your privacy. We know the anonymity paranormal collectors like to have and we take the security & the privacy of all paranormal collectors very seriously. By allowing us to help you sell your paranormal artifact you ensure the only name the buyer will have is our company name and the decision to disclose your information remains solely at your discretion.

We handle literally hundreds of paranormal artifacts a month from our own private collection & from our own work in the paranormal. Our decision to open the Paranormal Auctions company lay with our knowledge that many collectors wish to put their incredible finds on the market but want to maintain their privacy & right to disclose their identity only when they desire to.

If you have an artifact you wish us to examine, evaluate, or sell please contact us at

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